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Unfiled Tax Years

The majority of a taxpayer's problems start with, or stem from the fact that they have not filed for a number of years. This is an intimidating venture to file several years of returns without knowing the outcome of the liability, especially with unknown interest and penalty fees. We take the stress and worry away from this process. If you don’t have a CPA we set you up in house with our CPA who will only file the necessary tax years to satisfy the IRS’s standards. In most to all cases, we only go back the last six years as that’s all that is required in order to argue compliance.

Under this category we also seek to replace any SFR’s or Substitute for Return’s which may have been filed. This type of return is when the IRS has fild on your behalf because you never did. This is the worst case scenario in filing. This type of return is prepared in an automated fashion, meaning only based off of income. They do not allow credit for deductions or exemptions that you may have been entitled to receive.  We will have our CPA replace these returns with the actual and correct filings. Majority of the time in doing so, we can lower or eliminate the tax debt.

Shauna Stewart

Shauna Stewart is a graduate of Western State, College of Law and has been a practicing attorney for the past five years. As a former prosecutor she worked in Utah’s busiest district, fighting against some of the toughest and most dangerous opponents imaginable. Shauna has years of experience as a tax resolution attorney. She has successfully resolved hundreds of cases against the IRS and has dynamic solutions for extremely difficult tax resolution issues. Shauna is the best attorney to take your case, her experience has forged her into a fierce advocate ready to fight for you.

Shauna Stewart

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