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Unlock Potential Savings with Monthly Payment Plans

A Partial Pay Installment Agreement (PPIA) is a payment plan with the IRS that allows you to pay off a portion of your taxes owed in monthly payments until the tax liability expires. Like an Offer In Compromise, a PPIA has the potential for large tax savings. This is a monthly payment plan that runs until the debt is paid in full or the statute expires, eliminating the remaining debt. Our firm will argue your ability to pay a partial amount, rather than the highest calculated amount that the IRS forces a taxpayer into.

benefits of having our Firm represent you

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Education for the Future

The benefit of having our Firm represent you is besides the ability to argue the most favorable outcome on your behalf, we also educate and instruct you on how to manage the tax debt moving forward.


Expert Advising

Our expert advising will have you feeling like a tax expert yourself by the time you’ve finished with our representation! This is extremely beneficial so that our client’s don’t continue to find themselves with a tax problem.


Learn How to Keep Negotiated Deals Intact

Also, any stacking of liabilities will remove you from all negotiated efforts made, so we take the education aspect very seriously. We want to ensure that moving forward our client’s know exactly what they need to do to keep this out of their lives forever.

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