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Looking to settle and only pay a portion of your tax debt? You may have heard of this as paying pennies on the dollar for past taxes owed. The Internal Revenue Service offers a program which allows qualified individuals with an unpaid tax debt to negotiate a settled amount that is less than the total owed to clear the debt.  In short, it allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount that you owe. This forgiveness program is based off of your true ability to pay after allowed expenses per IRS code and law. Our firm investigates and strategically analyzes your true ability to pay, by looking at things like current monthly expenses , income, and assets to name a few. We then determine where we can argue your expenses as allowable and put you in the best posture possible for settlement.  Part of this process is that we offer strategic advising for those who may not immediately qualify.

As always in law, a settlement is never guaranteed. However, we won’t submit a settlement unless we feel completely confident in our arguments and what we feel would be a successful outcome. Our current success rate is that 99% of our settlements are Approved! We also offer an additional appeal at no charge if the first attempt in front of a settlement officer is unsuccessful.

Besides the ability to argue the most favorable outcome on your behalf, one of the best take away’s from our Firms representation is that we educate and instruct you on how to manage your taxes moving forward. Our expert advising will have you feeling like a tax expert yourself by the time you’ve finished with our representation! We take the educational aspect very seriously, as we want our clients to rid this from their lives and diminish the risk of future liabilities.

The reason this is so important, especially in Settlement, is becuase there are rules and guidlines that must be followed. If a settlement is awarded, any future liabilities are considered stacked liabilities. Stacked liabilities will remove you from the awarded settlement and all negotiated efforts will be undone and reassessed. Moving forward our clients know exactly what they need to do to keep this out of their lives forever!

Shauna Stewart

Shauna Stewart is a graduate of Western State, College of Law and has been a practicing attorney for the past five years. As a former prosecutor she worked in Utah’s busiest district, fighting against some of the toughest and most dangerous opponents imaginable. Shauna has years of experience as a tax resolution attorney. She has successfully resolved hundreds of cases against the IRS and has dynamic solutions for extremely difficult tax resolution issues. Shauna is the best attorney to take your case, her experience has forged her into a fierce advocate ready to fight for you.

Shauna Stewart

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