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Innocent Spouse

Innocent Spouse Relief provides you relief from tax debt owed if your spouse or former spouse failed to report income, reported income improperly or claimed improper deductions or credits. This form or relief needs to meet certain criteria to qualify. Such as, a spouse that had no understanding or reason to know the income that was incorrectly reported. We then take  our arguments to the IRS,  and in most cases are able to eliminate the debt completely from the innocent spouse! Thereby transferring all tax debt and responsibility to the liable spouse.

Under this category we also address Injured Spouse, Equitable Relief, Separation of Liability Relief, and other options that we investigate to see if our client's qualify based off of their individual and unique circumstances.

Shauna Stewart

Shauna Stewart is a graduate of Western State, College of Law and has been a practicing attorney for the past five years. As a former prosecutor she worked in Utah’s busiest district, fighting against some of the toughest and most dangerous opponents imaginable. Shauna has years of experience as a tax resolution attorney. She has successfully resolved hundreds of cases against the IRS and has dynamic solutions for extremely difficult tax resolution issues. Shauna is the best attorney to take your case, her experience has forged her into a fierce advocate ready to fight for you.

Shauna Stewart

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