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Audit Reconsideration

Did you get a notice from the IRS saying your tax return was audited, or perhaps the IRS created a return for you and now you owe?  If you disagree with the tax the IRS says you owe we can help with an Audit Reconsideration.

An Audit Reconsideration is a process available within the Internal Revenue Service that allows us as your attorneys to argue a disagreement with the results of the audit or the tax return the IRS created for you.  Our full investigation and analysis walks through each item, identifying where we can argue discrepancies and save you the most money.

Shauna Stewart

Shauna Stewart is a graduate of Western State, College of Law and has been a practicing attorney for the past five years. As a former prosecutor she worked in Utah’s busiest district, fighting against some of the toughest and most dangerous opponents imaginable. Shauna has years of experience as a tax resolution attorney. She has successfully resolved hundreds of cases against the IRS and has dynamic solutions for extremely difficult tax resolution issues. Shauna is the best attorney to take your case, her experience has forged her into a fierce advocate ready to fight for you.

Shauna Stewart

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