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Trust Fund Recoveries

The term Trust Fund Recovery Penalty refers to a tax penalty assessed against the directors or officers of a business entity which failed to pay a required tax (i.e., Medicare and social security taxes) on behalf of its employees. Ideally you can avoid the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty by making sure that all employees' taxes are collected, accounted for, and paid to the IRS when required. However, circumstances may dictate a different outcome where you end up having these assessed against you personally. The IRS has three years to assess these penalties, and TEN years to aggressively collect against you once assessed. They will not hesitate to take personal assets from a business owner to pay for these taxes, and this penalty is not a small amount. Actually, It’s equal to the amount of taxes that were unpaid.

We take the stress and worry of how you’re going to manage this off your plate because we literally stand between you and the IRS to protect you and your business during this whole process. Rather than dealing directly with a Revenue Officer at the IRS, we will work with them, to provide them with only the information that is necessary. We hand hold the document requests needed, and make sure we take as much stress away from you during this time by negotiating favorable IRS deadlies vs. the ones the IRS aggressively demands. Depending on the situation we then negotiate a favorable payment plan giving you a fair period of time to pay what is assessed, or we can attempt to settle the liability as a whole.

Shauna Stewart

Shauna Stewart is a graduate of Western State, College of Law and has been a practicing attorney for the past five years. As a former prosecutor she worked in Utah’s busiest district, fighting against some of the toughest and most dangerous opponents imaginable. Shauna has years of experience as a tax resolution attorney. She has successfully resolved hundreds of cases against the IRS and has dynamic solutions for extremely difficult tax resolution issues. Shauna is the best attorney to take your case, her experience has forged her into a fierce advocate ready to fight for you.

Shauna Stewart

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